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AMD vs Nvidia-the battle of AI chips on horizon!

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is seeking to seriously challenge Nvidia Corp!

AMD announced a release of a chip  that teaches AI models.

Tweet on AMD and AI chips

AMD tweet on new chip models

AMD is also releasing energy efficient laptops that can play 30+ hours of video on a single charge

At the CES 2023 keynote in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, AMD’s CEO Lisa Su introduced the Instinct MI300 chip, a combined central processing unit and graphics processing unit meant for AI acceleration, the months-long process where data centers spend millions of dollars on electricity to develop artificial intelligence.

Billed as “world’s first data-center integrated CPU + GPU,” Su said the MI300 can reduce the time it takes for an inference modeling process to weeks from months.

Nvidia on current market chips


Nvidia tweet on chips

While AMD used the CES keynote to also release its new Ryzen 7040 series of laptops, the introduction of the MI300 squarely focuses on a market where Nvidia dominates.

AMD also introduced its Alveo V70 AI Accelerator, which the company said boosts “energy efficiency for multiple AI inference workloads.”

AMD already competes with Nvidia in the gaming arena, so the two know each other well as competitors

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