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Bed Bath & Beyond, Meme Stocks 2.0?

There’s been a bit of 2021 deja vu to start the year!

Shares of troubled company Bed Bath & Beyond almost doubled on Monday alone. The company quickly looked to take advantage of the run-up, tapping AMC Entertainment’s playbook from 2020.

Tweet on Bed Bath & Beyond

FactSet Chart on current stock fluctuation on Bed Bath &Beyond

The wild moves have led some to wonder if individual investors are behind the rallies.

For the most part, activity among individual investors is a far cry from what we saw during the 2021 meme mania. Still, there are signs that the trend hasn’t totally fizzled.

For example, figures from Vanda Research show that retail buys of Bed Bath & Beyond popped yesterday. And AMC Entertainment and GameStop are still among the top 10 investments for Robinhood users, according to the firm’s investor index.

Maybe the memes are here to stay?

we shall find out soon!

Image:Bed Bath & Beyond