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Diella’s voice through art of painting

Art has the power to communicate messages and ideas that are often difficult to express through other means of communication.

Painting, illustration, and poetry are all forms of expressionism, well-suited to conveying complex ideas and feelings.

All combined through her creative work, Diella, for over eight years now has been illustrating her thoughts and feelings through the art of painting.

*Self-portrait by Diella, 2022

 Painting on fabric
Dim: 100x80cm

Diella creates unique art through colorful identities in search of gender equality and prosperity.

Influenced by expressionists like Van Gogh, Klimt, and Monet. She also finds inspiration from modern fashion creators and designers, or even nature alone, as well as social events that affect the community as a whole.

But who is Diella, and what triggered her imagination and creativity to the level that she communicates with the audience through her paintings alone?

Diella is a young artist from Pristina, and her social identity reemerged through bold colors, exaggerated forms, and abstract techniques, as a cry out for gender equality and freedom of movement and diversity.


*Fashion illustration

She represents the generation of the ‘isolated ones’, neglected by local politics and ignored by an international one

Diella, and many like her managed to capture the intensity and complexity of human emotion through art in the midst of a crisis of the country caught in an ‘everlasting’ transition after the war.

Her latest exhibition held at ‘Kult Plus’ proved that her work was yet again, breathtaking and inspiring at the same time, or as someone from the audience whispered: ‘Her work makes me feel as if am floating somewhere in between the bright light of hope and the dazzling fog in suburbs of Pristina’

Feminism, for Diella, is not about who might be wrong or who can be right, but rather the topic that emphasizes gender equality, harmony, and empowerment of the latter, as a means of healthy diversity in the society that hasn’t been the best of examples recently

In fact, her work is an appeal to the broader audience to challenge the dogma within traditional gender roles.

*Painting on fabric by Diella, 2023

Title: “The Glasswork”
Dimensions: 100×80 cm
Technique: Combined

By advocating for women’s rights, Diella remains hopeful that Kosovo too can aim for an equitable and prosperous society, by challenging the patriarch we aim for a real change, and the real changes always start from the means of open communication.

In today’s world, where women continue to face significant obstacles and discrimination, artistic expressionism remains an important discipline for promoting equality.

That said, Diella remains a true ambassador of Kosovo’s younger generation, as she continues to promote painting expressionism wherever she goes.

Just like Dua Lipa, her compatriot promotes music trends all over the world.


Diella can be reached at her account: instagram@diellaillustrations