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Google’s AI error costs stocks 8%

Shares of Alphabet fell 8% on Wednesday!

Only after the Google parent company unveiled new artificial intelligence-powered features that made an error.

The stock was on pace for its worst trading session since October.

Tweet on Google stock amid A.I craze news

WSJ on Alphabet news

A video Google published online introducing its new AI chatbot system, Bard, showed an inaccurate answer to a search query.

The video claimed that the James Webb Space Telescope took “the very first pictures” of an exoplanet outside the Solar System. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration says on its website that the first images of an exoplanet were taken as early as 2004 by a different telescope.

The moves come a day after Microsoft said it was building the technology behind the chatbot ChatGPT into its Bing search engine, heating up the race among the tech behemoths to establish dominance in artificial intelligence.

The Alphabet said Wednesday that it is planning to build the technology like that in ChatGPT into search results to give more lengthy textual responses to complex queries with no single correct answer—such as what are the best constellations to look at. That feature will roll out when Google is confident in the quality of the answers the AI provides, the company said.