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OnlyFans Records $338 Million Dividend as Profit Soared

Onlyfans Profit in the last fiscal year rose 24% to $403.7 million

OnlyFans Ltd., the social-media subscription service, paid its owner Leonid Radvinsky $338 million in dividends last fiscal year as the porn-friendly platform added users and boosted profit.

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The platform is best known for hosting adult content

OnlyFans posted profit of $403.7 million in the year ending Nov. 30, up 24% from the previous year, its parent company Fenix International Ltd. said in a report published on Thursday.

The London-based company, which allows creators to sell subscriptions for content directly to followers for a cut of their earnings, has been attempting to move beyond a reputation associated primarily with pornography.

  • Most of OnlyFans’ Surging Profits Ends Up In Its Owner’s Pocket

Radvinsky, a US citizen, has a background in adult entertainment and direct marketing.

He is the sole owner of Fenix International and received about $284 million in dividends during the previous fiscal year.

Revenue rose 17% to $1.09 billion in the period, according to the report. The platform’s total number of creators rose 47% to 3.2 million and users rose 27% to 239 million.

OnlyFans has “continued to invest in sponsoring both emerging and established creators across all genres including sports and entertainment,” the company said in its report. The platform launched the OnlyFans Creative Fund last September in an effort to boost creative content and enhance the brand’s reputation.

Image: Onlyfans