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Tesla opens new vacancy on deep learning and A.I

Tesla is looking to expand its team working on the Optimus Bot.

Tesla’s webpage advertised the specific positions on the Optimus Bot hiring for a variety of positions.

Tweet on Tesla’s Optimus vacancy

Tesla vacancy on deep learning & A.I

Ibarz, a senior staff engineer working on the Tesla Bot, shared on both Twitter and LinkedIn that the team is hiring.

The first link was a job posting titled Deep Learning Manipulation Engineer, Tesla Bot. If hired, job applicants will do at least one of the following:

Design and develop our learned robotic manipulation software stack and algorithms.

Develop robotic manipulation capabilities including but not limited to (re)grasping, pick-and-place, and more dexterous behaviors to enable useful work in both structured and unstructured environments.

Model robotic manipulation processes to enable analysis, simulation, planning, and controls

The other link shared a list of Tesla Bot-related jobs, including internships and engineering positions. Ibarz also shared a link to Tesla’s recent AI Day part 2 for those interested in seeing what the team is doing.