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Tesla Refreshes Model 3 and Slashes Prices Again

Tesla surprises again, with third consecutive price cuts on Model S and X!

Now the entry sedan gets a sportier look, rear screen, more range

The Model S and X now start at $74,990 and $79,990 in the US

Tweet on Tesla price cuts

Tesla chart on price Cuts during 2023

Tesla Inc. revamped the Model 3 sedan with sleeker looks and longer range while slashing prices of its premium vehicles in an all-out push to boost sales.

The automaker slimmed down the front end of its entry sedan in the first major face-lift of the Model 3 since it went into production six years ago.

The car is rated to go 606 kilometers (377 miles) on a charge in China, a 9% improvement. Other upgrades include a new 8-inch rear touchscreen and added speakers to the sound system.

Hours after the long-anticipated unveiling, Tesla made steep cuts to the Model S sedan and Model X sport utility vehicle in the US and China, and lowered the price of the driver-assistance system marketed as Full Self-Driving by $3,000, to $12,000.

According to its US website,

Tesla is now charging $74,990 for the base Model S and $79,990 for the Model X. The two vehicles began the year with prices of $104,990 and $120,990, respectively.

Source: Bloomberg/Tesla
Image: Tesla