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Tesla Stock Remains Top Pick, Despite the AI Hype

Self-driving, or automation is different technology from generative AI!

In fact, Tesla’s stock’s direction will be dominated by the supply and demand of electric cars over the next 12 months, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas, who has had a buy-equivalent rating on the EV maker since November 2020, wrote in a note on Thursday.

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Blomberg chart on Tesla and  tech stocks

While the company’s shares have got a mild boost amid a rally fueled by some tech stocks over the past few weeks as investors clamored for anything related to generative AI, the gains are much more muted compared to that of Nvidia Corp., C3.ai Inc. or Marvell Technology Inc.

Though Tesla is developing several technologies that fall under the broader umbrella of AI — such as self-driving software and Optimus robot — autonomous driving and generative AI are two very different technologies, he added.

Still, AI or not, Tesla shares have risen significantly this year, gaining over 68%, eclipsing the Nasdaq 100 Index’s 32% advance and even surpassing NYSE FANG+ Index’s 64% jump.


Image: Tesla