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Virgin Galactic Carries Tourists to Edge of Space

Virgin Galactic completed its fourth commercial flight since June

Profitability remains low, until the Delta spaceplane launch in 2026

Tweet on Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic tweet on a space mission

Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. sent its third crew of paying tourists to the edge of space on Friday, as billionaire Richard Branson’s cosmic adventure firm extended its commercial flights for a third straight month.

The flight marks the latest milestone in Virgin Galactic’s quest to establish a “spaceline for Earth” and surpass rival Blue Origin, which has launched six commercial passenger missions with its New Shepard rocket. However, the New Shepard rocket remains sidelined by a 2022 mishap.

Despite its launch momentum, regular space flights for tourists remains years away. Virgin Galactic doesn’t anticipate turning a profit with flights until the debut of its larger Delta Class spaceships in 2026. Shares in Virgin Galactic were up about 2% to $1.66 at 12:47 p.m. in New York on Friday. Year to date, the stock has dropped 52%.

Source:Bloomberg/Virgin Galactic
Image /Space Tourism