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A.I. to help monitor carbon emissions from Cloud Operations

Cloud-management platform Cirrus Nexus launched an artificial-intelligence tool,

to help companies measure and reduce carbon emissions from their cloud operations, as companies face pressure from shareholders and regulators to meet sustainability goals.

TrueCarbon, analyzes publicly available information on data-center energy consumption and other third-party data to help customers gauge their carbon emissions. It also makes recommendations to help customers meet targets around emissions reduction.

TrueCarbon is part of a growing number of carbon-accounting tools aiming to help companies meet sustainability requirements

The AI technology is constantly refining recommendations based on client-use patterns and the energy-consumption trends of data centers, said Chris Noble, the company’s chief executive, helping customers move IT operations and processes to different data centers, while minimizing the carbon footprint of activities, on the other end he noted.

*IDC Cloud growth chart 2015-2020

Regulators and shareholders,

are paying closer attention to sustainability initiatives, while specific targets are set by many companies around, in order to reduce carbon emissions and installing other energy-efficiency operations, in order to obtain independent certification of their estimates. as the relationship between digitization and carbon-based emissions becomes more evident in emerging cloud sector

“We have achieved higher energy efficiency and are partnering with [cloud] providers that have made commitments to 100% renewable energy use or carbon neutrality,” said Michael Ruttledge. CEO of Citizens Financial Group

Data centers accounted for around 1% of global electricity use in 2020, excluding cryptocurrency mining, according to the International Energy Agency.