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AI Startup Set to Speed Up Clinical Research

Unlearn.ai, an artificial intelligence startup that helps speed up clinical research, raised $50 million from investors led by Altimeter Capital Management to fund its push to upend drug development.

Tweet on AI Startup Unlearn.AI

Tweet on Unlearn.AI

Unlearn.ai makes virtual copies of clinical trial participants

Its tech could make clinical trials faster, less expensive

The San Francisco-based startup will use the capital to expand its team and boost engineering and R&D capabilities. Backers in the Series C round include Radical Ventures, Mubadala Capital and Wittington Ventures, and others, the startup said on Thursday.

Unlearn’s strategy is to create digital copies, or virtual models, of clinical trial participants. Those digital twins take part in clinical trials just as human participants do. Humans and the digital copies are randomly assigned either the drug or placebo and the digital copies forecast outcomes regardless of which one they receive. The approach allows trials to be done with fewer human participants, potentially saving time and money.

  • The method could help accelerate clinical studies and bring new treatments to patients sooner.
  • Its unique AI models comply with the guidelines of the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency.

Clinical trials are expensive and time-consuming, with challenges such as a lack of diversity among trial participants, delayed recruitment, long timelines, and rising costs. Regulatory constraints remain, but newer startups like Unlearn are attempting to spur the process.



Image: Unlearn Ai