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AMD’s Superchips to challenge Nvidia’s dominance

New AI chips challenge market leader Nvidia on its home turf!

Advanced Micro Devices AMD got where it is now by outmaneuvering a rival more than 10 times its size. Now comes the hard part.

Tweet on AMD AI Superchips

Factset chart on AMD & Nvidia chips

The chip maker more commonly known as AMD has managed to build up a substantial business in supplying server processor chips to tech giants that operate massive data centers.

It has done this mainly at the expense of Intel, which controlled an estimated 99% of the server market before a series of missteps cost the storied Silicon Valley pioneer its lead in the most advanced chip manufacturing.

  • AMD’s data-center revenue jumped 64% last year to $6 billion, while Intel’s data center sales slid 15% to $19.2 billion.

AMD is now setting its sights even higher. The company showed off its latest developments for data-center computing on Tuesday.

Among those was a so-called “super chip” for high-performance computing, which combines a central processor with a graphics processor and memory in the same chip packaging. AMD also announced a graphics-processor-based “accelerator” for artificial intelligence uses in data centers.

That pits it squarely against Nvidia’s NVDA 1.87%increase; green up pointing triangle in what has become the hottest segment of computing with the rise of generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT.

Tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon and the parent companies of Google and Facebook are rapidly adopting generative AI into their networks, which would appear to make AMD’s latest chips a guaranteed success.


Image: AMD