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Apple, Google; new antitrust investigations in U.K!

The U.K.’s competition regulator wants to investigate market power it says Apple Inc. and Google exert over some mobile-device software, ramping up global antitrust scrutiny of the largest U.S. technology companies.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said that it intends to initiate so-called market investigations into how the companies control web browsers for mobile devices, as well as complaints that Apple restricts cloud gaming on its devices.

  • The CMA also announced a traditional competition investigation

That could very well  lead to fines, and on how exactly Google places on in-app payments in its mobile store.

The probe announced, is similar to one the regulator opened into Apple’s App Store last year.

*CMA Tweet on Apple & Google antitrust probe

The new investigations stem from a report by the CMA published on Friday citing,

Apple and Google have an effective mobile-device duopoly that enables them to exercise what the regulator called a stranglehold over mobile ecosystems, and that the companies are likely to strengthen their positions in the sector, further restricting competition, the report said.

  • The latest investigations add to a mounting tally aimed at big tech companies.

The U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission and some American states are investigating or have filed lawsuits against several large technology companies including Google and Meta Platforms Inc.


The European Union’s top antitrust regulator just recently opened new antitrust cases into Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon


Source: WSJ/CMA
Image:Google/Apple logo inc.