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Drone Delivery takes pace! 

Wing is launching a drone-delivery service in the Dallas,

In what is believed to be the largest U.S. roll out drone initiative operated by a customer.

“This third-party delivery model will give businesses the ability to reach their customers in faster and cheaper ways than ever before,” said Alexa Dennett, head of communications for Wing.

Wing also operates commercial drone services in Finland and Australia. Most of its 200,000 commercial drone deliveries have been made in Australia, according to the company.

*Wing tweet on their drone delivery

Drone companies,

have been cleared to expand their operations in the U.S. as technology underpinning air-delivery improves.

Wing’s drones travel 65 miles per hour and can carry up to 3.3 pounds of goods.

According to Wing, the Travel time to a destination is typically under 10 minutes, while the drones have a range of 12 miles round trip.

The drones are roughly four feet long with a wingspan of over three feet and weigh approximately 10 pounds, the company said.

While route planning and flight are autonomous, human pilots oversee the operations, Wing said. The Wing pilots overseeing this operation will be based in California and Texas, a Wing spokesperson said.

No drone-delivery company in the U.S. is currently fully certified to fly everywhere without a human controlling or at least monitoring the aircraft. The FAA says it is developing regulations that would allow it to safely issue such authorization.

source WSJ/Wing
Photo: Wing.Inc