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Drone startup in Ukraine, from commercial to a military prospect! 

The Ukrainian air force operates with Turkish-made TB-2 killer drones and with US Aerovironment  drones.

But local commercial-style drones have entered the area of military operations too.

  • Aerorozvidka, a volunteer startup drone, has been efficiently dropping mini- bombs.

The most advanced military industry that of US spend millions on identifying the killer drone, the likes of MQ-1B Predator and MQ-9 Reaper, among many, but now Ukraine’s has it’s own type of ‘DYI’ drones proved efficient combating the Russian military.

Video evidence of Aerorozvidka’s bombing technique has been posted on Tweeter.

The drone start up, now is seeking donation worldwide to expand and, their drone manufacturing in the world.

*Aerozvidka tweet on drone op’s

Video shows a rather a stable drone,

vertically dropping a small munition producing a blast that seems sufficient to damage an armored vehicle and would seriously harm  anyone standing nearby.

But the risk exposing drone fliers to enemy fire remains high, Oleh Sobchenko, a Ukrainian military drone operator, told a reporter that civilian drone operators “expose themselves to unnecessary danger by trying to get as close to the enemy positions as possible.”

But it’s worth the try, and what’s more, it can be acquired at a much lower cost, where Kyiv pays millions of dollars to acquire other drones, now it produces their own drones.

Aerorozvidka is partially crowdfunded and favors anti-tank grenades with 3D-printed stabilizers, sufficient firepower to damage a armored vehicle and even disable a tank.


Photo: Aerozvidka.inc