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Electric startup Lilium collabs with Palantir!

An electric jet startup company, Lilium has a new software partner!

The Software giant Palantir to introduce what they think is the future of mobility.

Over the past ten years, there has been an explosion in the number of companies looking to offer personal electric aircraft to the masses.

Tweet on Lillium collab with software giant Palantir

Lilium, are Evtol unique EU based Startup in their use of electric jet propulsion instead of traditional propeller technology. In their efforts to introduce this electric personal jet, they have partnered with the software giant Palantir.

Lilium’s jet offering is far from the private jets of today. The plane is 100% electric and uses electric turbines instead of propellers which are more common with other electric prototypes currently in testing. Furthermore, the jet differentiates itself in its design goals from other private jet offerings. The company is not only aiming for fast and sustainable transportation, but they hope the electric jet can be affordable.

The two companies commented on the crucial partnership in the video they posted a month ago. Palantir will help Lilium with software associated with their complex Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) jet, and Palantir gets the chance to work with a company that believes it is in the infancy of future mobility.