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EU Brewers affected by latest energy crisis!

Brewers are among European companies setting backup plans if Russia further throttles supplies to Europe!

European beer drinkers may find the latest impact from the continent’s strained natural-gas supplies hard to swallow.

Europe’s glass industry relies heavily on gas, which is used to heat furnaces to 1,400 degrees Celsius to melt shards and other ingredients.

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Most glass plants can’t be shut down as furnaces risk being destroyed when molten glass solidifies inside them—the reason they run continuously.

That is why a 15% cut in gas use could slash glass production at more than double that rate.

Alcohol companies are already struggling with a bottle shortage in Europe, and even a temporary shortfall will undercut their abilities to build inventories ahead of winter.

  • Beer industry medium-sized businesses are at risk of being hit hardest

Turning to cans could be a solution for some producers, but adding to the storm there are also problems with aluminium supply and costs, and in addition, for many producers, the taste is not the same.


Image:Draft Beer