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Goldman Sachs cut jobs in the first quarter

The bank ended March with about 45,400 employees, down 6% from the end of 2022 but up 1% from March 2022.

In December, the Wall Street Journal reported that Goldman planned to cut thousands of jobs but would keep staffing above pre-pandemic levels.

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Headcount at Wells Fargo fell 1% from the end of December and 4% from a year ago to about 236,000 people, continuing a long-running trend for the lender.

Bank of America said Tuesday it ended the first quarter with just over 217,000 employees, roughly flat from the end of 2022 and up 4% from a year earlier.

Last week, JPMorgan said staffing rose 1% from the end of 2022 and 8% from a year earlier. Citigroup said its employee count was little changed from the fourth quarter and up 5% from a year ago.


Image: Goldman Sachs