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Intel, Chipmaker’s Technology Is Central to AI Boom

Intel Corp. Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger, plotting a comeback for the once-dominant chipmaker!

CEO was pretty vocal and made the case that the company’s technology will be vital to an industrywide boom in artificial intelligence computing.

Tweet on Intel’s CEO

Bloomberg tweet on Intel

Speaking at Intel’s annual Innovation conference, Gelsinger pointed to advances that his company is making in production technology and software developer tools for AI. The opportunity will only grow as more artificial intelligence capabilities are powered by personal computers, he said.

“AI represents a generational shift, giving rise to a new era of global expansion where computing is even more foundational to a better future for all,” Gelsinger said. “For developers, this creates massive societal and business opportunities to push the boundaries of what’s possible, to create solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.”

Gelsinger is trying to fire up interest in Intel’s technology and return to an era when its annual conferences offered a road map for the whole computing industry. He argues that artificial intelligence use won’t be confined to the data centers of giant cloud providers, which rely heavily on chips from Nvidia Corp. Instead, it will fan out into new areas, including the now-moribund PC market.

Earlier missteps by Intel allowed Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Samsung Electronics Co. to overtake the company in manufacturing prowess.

More recently, Nvidia has stolen the spotlight as the main provider of AI accelerators — processors that help handle artificial intelligence workloads.



Image: Intel