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Kia’s New EV Can Turn into Bedroom

Korean automaker introduces compact SUV and two concept cars

Aims to have a range of small EVs priced around $35,000-$50,000

Tweet on KIA new EV

Bloomberg tweet on Kia

Kia Corp. unveiled a compact electric sport-utility vehicle and two concept EVs as it builds out a range of cheaper models to appeal to budget-conscious drivers.

Kia debuted the EV5, pitched at millennial families, at a so-called EV Day on Thursday.

For the Chinese market, the standard model will come with a 64-kilowatt-hour battery offering 530 kilometers (330 miles) of range, while the long-range model’s 88kWh battery will get 720 kilometers per charge.

The Korean models will have slightly smaller batteries and the driving range will be tailored to market demands, the company said.

The EV5 comes with two 12.3-inch (31-centimeter) screens for instrument displays and infotainment and a 5-inch climate control display. The Chinese version will have a front bench seat, while the rear seat can be folded flat to transform into a bed.

There is also a 4-liter (1.1 gallon) refrigerator and warming unit for storing food and drinks. The cars will be made at factories in China and Korea, with production starting around 2025.

Kia also displayed two concept cars — the EV3, a compact version of its flagship EV9; and the EV4, a four-door sedan that looks more like a sports car.

The three models are part of Kia’s plan to introduce smaller EVs ranging in price from $35,000 to $50,000 to accelerate the widespread adoption of battery-powered cars, the company said. Top-end models will go for up to $80,000.

Image: KIA