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Mayo Clinic, to collaborate with Google A.I!

Mayo Clinic reported to be keen on a product from Google Cloud that uses artificial intelligence (A.I)

to better track & analyze language-based information in patients electronic health records.

The innovative tech, known as natural language processing, has made strides in recent years, say experts,. and Google’s cloud unit is one of many technology companies pouring investment into research and development.

Vish Anantraman, chief technology officer of Mayo Clinic, said Google’s Healthcare Natural Language, or API could help clinicians search and access patient data a lot more easily, although he said Mayo is still in early trial phases.

Some 80% of patient data in electronic medical records is unstructured, including,

transcribed reports and doctor’s notes, Dr. Anantraman said. Natural language processing allows the hospital system to turn the data that isn’t organized into discrete fields into structured data, meaning clinicians will have an easier time searching and analyzing it, he said.

*Mayo clinic tweet on AI


Once patient data is structured,

the hospital will be able to find ideal patients for clinical trials and run various types of prediction tools that look for indicators that certain patients might be at higher risk for certain diseases early on, WSJ finds.

Mayo Clinic has used natural language processing tools to index unstructured information from medical records in the past, but Dr. Anantraman said the Google technology is more scalable and would allow Mayo to do so more accurately and efficiently.

Tech companies point to ongoing investments in AI products, advances in the technology and natural language processing in specific, as well as partnerships with hospitals to collaborate on tools.

“We believe that API or natural language processing is the next frontier in healthcare,” said Aashima Gupta

The director of Healthcare Solutions at Google Cloud, adding that the pandemic has increased the appetite among healthcare providers for the technology adaptation



source:WSJ/Mayo clinic
Photo:Mayo inc.