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NVIDIA soars this year!

NVIDIA Corp. stock has climbed 52% in 2023!

The semiconductor firm could jump more due to heavy demand lifting the shares recently.

NVIDIA Attracts Big players and, that’s when a stock goes up in price alongside chunky volumes. It’s indicative of institutions betting on the shares.

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Nvidia stocks fluctuation 22-23

Smart money managers are always looking for the next hot stock. And NVIDIA has many fundamental qualities that are attractive.

This sets up well for the stock going forward. But how the shares have been trading points to more upside. As I’ll show you, the Big Money has been consistent in the shares.

Each green bar signals big trading volumes as the stock ramped in price:

Since late November, the shares attracted 12 unusual buy signals. Generally speaking, recent green bars could mean more upside is ahead.

Now, let’s check out the fundamental action grabbing my attention:

NVIDIA Fundamental Analysis

Next, it’s a good idea to check under the hood. Meaning, I want to make sure the fundamental story is strong too. As you can see, NVDA has been growing sales and EPS at a healthy clip. According to FactSet,

1-year sales growth rate (+61.4%)

3-year EPS growth rate (+47.6%).

NVDA has been a top-rated stock many times at my research firm, MAP signals. That means the stock has buy pressure, strong technical, and growing fundamentals. We have a ranking process that showcases stocks like this every week.