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Nvidia’s AI Software Aims to regulate Chatbots

Chipmaker has benefited from the boom in artificial intelligence!

Nvidia Corp., whose powerful chips helped set the stage for the artificial intelligence boom, is now looking to address a major concern surrounding the technology: that AI bots will go rogue and cause harm.

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The company is introducing software Tuesday that regulates AI systems based on large language models, the learning technique used by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other popular bots.

The tool, called NeMo Guardrails, can keep chatbots on topic and make them less likely to offer up restricted information. It also will prevent them from guessing wrongly or taking actions outside their purview, Nvidia said.

The flood of interest in ChatGPT, along with other systems that mine large data sets to generate automated answers, has the potential to change almost every industry.

The trend is also poised to make a fortune for Nvidia, a pioneer of graphics cards that now gets most of its money from chips for data centers — the server farms needed to power AI. But for artificial intelligence to continue to flourish, users need to be able to trust the results that chatbots generate.

“Everyone is aware of the power of generative large language models,” said Jonathan Cohen, a vice president of applied research at Nvidia. “It’s important that they’re deployed in a way that’s safe and secure.”

Many companies in technology use Nvidia’s processors to handle AI work within data centers, and that’s helped the chipmaker whether a broader slump in the computer industry. In fact, its data center unit is now bigger than the whole company was as recently as 2020.


Image: Nvidia