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Rivian plans a new electric-vehicle plant in Georgia!

Construction is scheduled to start in the summer but no specific date has been given by the company

The facility is expected to employ more than 7,500 people and have the capacity to build 400,000 EVs annually.

Production is due to start in 2024.

Approvals for Rivian’s planned EV plant in Georgia will be handled by state authorities after local opposition threatened to delay groundbreaking on the $5 billion investment.

Opponents concerned about traffic, environmental damage, and continued urban sprawl as the critics said they were kept in the dark about the project until late in the process.

*Rivian tweet on their EV model

County leaders responded by asking state Economic Development Commissioner, Pat Wilson to handle compliance and public engagement, saying the process “requires a higher resource level than we can bring to bear locally.”

The state is purchasing the land for the plant from the counties so that it can consolidate the zoning and compliance process into a single forum, Wilson siad “But at same time, we’ve got to meet the long-term timeline of the company.”

Georgia has taken a similar approach for other major projects, including a Kia Corp. plant in West Point and Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta.

Rivian plans to have a battery-cell production facility on the site to bolster the home made production, as Rivian reached an all time high after IPO, 188$ to tumble down to current 66$ per share.





source: ABC/Yahoo/Rivian
photo:Rivian Inc.