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Tesla Megapacks replacing WW2 turbojet generator!

Tesla successfully replaced an old generator in Belgium!

The sum of 40 Tesla Megapack battery storage systems replaced a World War II turbojet generator in Lessines, Belgium, Tesla announced.

Tweet from Tesla on the energy storage Belgium

Previously, the generator had been providing energy support to the community since the 1950s. The generator was not only contributing to air pollution in the region, but it was noisy as well.

The system now has 50 MW of power and 100 MWh of capacity and supports the local grid.

Tesla noted that the Deux-Acren project, which installed the Megapacks, is now one of the largest storage systems in Europe.

“Megapack is quieter and supports the local electric grid with energy shifting and stabilizing services and seamless integration with more renewable sources,” Tesla said in its video.

With the 40 Tesla Megapacks now installed, the Deux-Acren plant can store up to 100MH of energy and up to 50MW of power. The power will be used to regulate the frequency of the European electricity transmission network, Energy News noted.