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The Nvidia Chips Powering AI Supercomputers

Nvidia NVDA is having a moment over its graphics processing units, or GPUs—hot commodities that are essential in creating AI systems such as ChatGPT.

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Built to drive the graphics of videogames including ‘Call of Duty, ’ they now also power ChatGPT and other AI tools

But what exactly are GPUs?

Unlike the circuitry on standard computer chips, which handle one computation at a time, in what is called serial processing, GPUs handle much more complex tasks by making many calculations at the same time, an approach known as parallel processing. Originally designed to make video games run better, GPUs started to be widely used in AI around 2012.

Tech companies working on those systems, including Meta Platforms and Microsoft, are shelling out for them, pushing the revenue of Nvidia NVDA to unprecedented heights.

The company recently said it expected around $24 billion in sales in its current quarter, which would be a record for the company and more than three times the amount for the same period a year earlier.



Image: Nvidia