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The Solar-Powered Electric Boat for economic and silent cruising

Minimal emissions from a solar-powered, 60-foot motor yacht is a very big deal.

Silent 60 is eco-friendly with its roof and foredeck crammed full of solar panels, the sixty-footer is humming along at a leisurely six mph on just zero-emissions battery power.

The batteries are recharged by solar panels that occupy nearly every available square foot of exterior space.

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Just as its name suggests,

the ride is hushed, with just the gentle, soothing sound of water bubbling-up in the wake to interrupt the peace and quiet.

“Silent running is top of the list when it comes to what appeals to our customers. They don’t want to hear engines or feel vibration,” Silent Yachts’ in-house designer Juliana Miguel said to R.B

“These days it’s also about fuel costs,” adds US sales director, Philip Bell. “One customer ordered a new 60 after getting tired of using his 80-foot Italian motoryacht for weekend trips to the Bahamas and spending $12,000 on fuel each time.”

The Silent 60’s claim to be quiet, zero-emission, electric-only cruising at 7 to 8 mph for up to nine hours, or roughly 100 nautical miles a day.

The Silent Yacht video illustration 


We’re sampling the third hull of the constantly evolving Silent 60 series that launched last summer.

Silent has been the leader in inventing the solar-powered electric-cruiser niche.

Replacing the original Silent 55, the 60 has been such a boat-show hit that more than 30 are currently awaiting construction at Silent’s yards in Fano, Italy and Istanbul, Turkey.

According to Bell,

most of the new 60s currently in build are “tri-deck” models, featuring a significantly larger flybridge area, a fixed rather than folding roof (also covered with solar panels), and the option of a fully open flybridge, or glass-enclosed “sky lounge,” designed for additional entertaining space or even a master suite.


source:The Silent Yacht
Image Silent 60 yacht