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VW develops EV wireless charging

Volkswagen confirmed that it’s working on wireless electric car charging in its own patented coil and charging pad design with silicon-carbide materials, aimed partly toward daily garage use.

Tweet on VW wireless -charger

Tweet on VW’s charger

The project goes well beyond that, though—into charge rates currently on the speedy side of DC fast-charging territory.

According to Volkswagen, their original attempt was in the form of an early 6.6-kw prototype, which would perform at charge rates comparable to home Level 2 (240-volt) systems.

But in early trials in conjunction with a silicon carbide inverter, the system has performed up to 120 kw with a prototype unit. VW has a future goal of upping the system to 300 kw.

Until recently, the commercialization of wireless charging has mostly looked toward home use. There are only a few high-power systems in use or development, and most of them are targeted for larger commercial vehicles.

One exception is a wireless charging taxi test from Momentum Dynamics (InductEV) in Norway.