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How to register new Business

So, you have decided to start a business, to open a shop, an office, a kiosk or any other business from which you hope to generate income. Before starting to exercise this economic

E-commerce prospect of the Drones

Case study by; arsim.ajeti researcher& editor: arsim@thejournalbiz.com Drone, a unique small flying object eclipsed from D.I.Y experiment during  2000’s into a booming perspective today, the first drone for commercial purposes with a flying


Uber announces it starting to take orders for recreational cannabis — . But for now, customers will have to go pick up their orders at retailer Tokyo Smoke. And the service is only

Hyperinflation CASE STUDY Yugoslavia 

Case study written by: Arsim.Ajeti editor in chief; arsim@thejournalbiz.com Nearly three decades ago when ex- YU’s currency (dinar) massively depreciated, the treasury, simply couldn’t afford to produce more banknotes, they started to issue

Mass Digitization phenomenon

Opinion by: Arsim Ajeti editor in chief /thejournalbiz.com (*special thank you note to Arben Selimi) Consumers around the globe adjust to the new normal Ongoing trend and significant change on a  global scale