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The fourth Industrial Revolution-3D Printing

Opinion by: Arsim Ajeti
Editor in Chief/@journalbiz.com

In the midst of every crisis, lies a great opportunity! a phrase, coined by scientist Albert Einstein,  is now literally transformed into a guidance of major global Corporation, all without a doubt from;
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Tesla


All extended their profits, during the current crisis, while one of the most productive industries turns out to be 3D printing or additive manufacturing processes, seen not as lucrative as the ‘Big Tech’  but according to McKinsey, it is believed to be the future of the mass-production!

While digital transformation, artificial intelligence, automation, fast processing as the new way of doing business, the 3D is just reshaping on a new dimension and going through significant changes, by slowly restoring the need of 3D printing, also known as the ‘third industrial revolution’ by (Markillie, 2012)

Let’s remind ourselves, in what state were the Medical care Institutions , not only essential tools were missing

BLOOMBERG reminds us that, the whole global health care system collapsed, as well as the  air and ferry transport, halted completely so did the  global economy, but there was the 3D that made the difference, by simply re-fictionalizing production.

But how, did we exactly ended up at the ‘mercy’ of forgotten innovation?

we need to get back to the genesis of 3D printing itself!

Considered a ‘disruptive innovation’ (Christensen 2011) years ago 3D as a phenomenon, appears on the market, first through decorative imitations, until ending up to production of lethal weapon.  (as in the case of drones) that legislative side was a big ‘pill to swallow’  for consumers, as the market begins to circulate the weapon produced by the 3D printer ‘Stratasys Dimension SST 3D’

That changed everything, making all the innovation in question, but the pandemic re-ignites the 3 D trend, more out of necessity, then sympathy as the latest findings by Deloitte

But, as 3D stagnated in the beginning of its expansion, the indications were positive for the weapon ‘Liberatodor’, as the product itself, not only proved to be successful, (as a prototype) but for a short time was downloaded by over 100,000 people on the Internet, making it the most sought item in the ‘black market’, as slowly, the law was taken into the hands of the ‘Netizens’  the issue goes so far that, the first arrest was made, for the production of 3D weapon, the Japanese Yoshitomo Imura, confirms BBC.

Undoubtedly, the 3D phenomenon has drawn two contradictions, innovation and legal controversy, challenging free trade laws, and making big corporate hesitant into further collaboration.

But where are we, today with 3D phenomenon?

I have chosen a few cases to understand the depth and prospectus, the very role of the 3D industry in the global recovery,

first to indicate is;

  • Organovo and L ‘Oreal; a collaboration between the innovative business and the prestigious brand of skincare, according to the data, both firms will contribute to the advanced technology by imitating the human DNA skin texture, a futuristic concept, but that should be one of the first collaborations of its kind, to pave the way for cooperation in the aeronautics, dental and automotive sectors.

Efficient and inventive in design, 3D businesses record new heights of the year, during 2020/21 and impressive performance on the Nasdaq stock exchange where they stand out;

  • Nano Dimensions [NNDM]
  • Metal Desktop [DM]
  • 3D system corporation [DDD]
  • Stratasys Ltd [SSYS]

Productivity growth, while reducing cost, 3D is calculated by experts Terry Wohler, and Cathy Wood as the future of mass production, while companies like ‘Nanodimension’ and Stratasys Ltd have formalized deals on the health care sector and with auto-manufacturers, such as; GM, BMW, Toyota, Telsa

While companies like 3D Sys Corp and Desktop Metal are part of the digitized dental story, specifically orthodontics, where according to recent financial reports these businesses successfully produced and distributed over 10 million requests during 20/21

Even in Kosovo, in the dental clinics I visited to get acquainted as closely as possible, with the very usage of 3D products, recommendations and implementation by the dentist and the very affordability by the clients, regarding the products.

On the question of, whether these products are recommended and sustainable as a dental product, consequently taking into account the lower prices (compared to the regional ones for dental services) I came to a firm conclusion, as a data shows us that, without a doubt these products will be part of everyday dental services,  and as a local market has tremendous potential.

The Dental industry in Kosovo, has a lot to offer for international clients, with already proven record and assurance for providing a quality services, to a clients with a very reasonable costs.

But that’s not all, even the construction industry is being seriously challenged by advanced 3D printing, as additive manufacturing processes is argued as a solution for fast and luxurious construction (as we have the case in Eindhoven, the Netherlands)  with this first concrete house construction, entirely in 3D, the world’s first commercial 3D project. The project known as ‘Millennial Home’ will serve as a tourist attraction, but further aiming to develop chain production, as demand will be the main indicator to the supply, but as in midst of pandemic the situation currently is rather vice-versa