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GM drops heated seats feature due to chip crisis!

General Motors had to drop heated seats, as an option on vehicles in response to the chip shortage.

The largest U.S. automaker is not alone, as the move is another sign of how automakers are having to respond to a crisis that has been cratering dealer inventory, spiking prices and delaying orders.

While GM does have a proposed remedy in place, realistically there is no apparent solution of the chip shortage in sight!

All hopes lies entirely on trying to spur more domestic semiconductor production, that will take years and billions of dollars to get off the ground.

*CNBC tweet on GM chip crisis


The entire auto industry is suffering a massive chip shortage, which has forced automakers to reduce their production.

CNBC indicated that the shortage was expected to cost the auto industry $110 billion in total revenue for 2021 alone.

The news of the GM production cuts comes after, the company announced that it was reaching its production target!






source: CNBC/WSJ/GM
Photo:GM inc.