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BMW unveils the new EV model to Japan!

BMW AG is set to introduce four-door i4 sports coupe in Japan, as consumers are showing signs of greater willingness to buy electric vehicles.

  • Japan’s EV sales have lagged behind other big markets

Priced at 7.5 million yen to 10.8 million yen ($65,000 to $90,000), the EV is currently available for orders with deliveries starting as soon as March, the German carmaker said in a statement.

While Japan has lagged behind the U.S., Europe and China on the uptake of EVs, there are signs that local drivers are starting to embrace electrified cars.

Registrations for imported EVs totaled just 8,610 units last year, according to the Japan Automobile Importers Association.

BMW’s i4 has a range of as much as 590 kilometres (367 miles) on a single charge, and features fast-charging capabilities

*BMW official tweet on  i4 model


Drivers can use a smartphone instead of a key to unlock and start the car, which also has connectivity and voice-recognition features.

Toyota’s bZ4X, Nissan ’s Ariya and Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 are all set to go on sale in Japan this year as well, while Tesla will open a new showroom in southern Japan, Nikkei reported.

In addition, Hyundai, which withdrew from the Japanese market more than a decade ago, is returning by positioning itself as an EV maker by selling cars online.






source: Nikkei/Barrons