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Lilium the flying taxi from EU pens a deal in Middle East!

German startup Lilium goes Global!

Germany’s air taxi startup Lilium sees “tremendous opportunities” in the Middle East, particularly the GCC, where the development of megacities calls for solutions to minimise traffic and slash carbon emissions.

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Lilium pens a deal in Middle East

This comes after Saudis signed an initial agreement with Lilium in October to buy 100 of its aircraft to serve its domestic network.

German developer is in talks with several players in the region, senior executive says

Munich-based Lilium is looking at potential opportunities in the region including the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, for its electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) senior vice president of commercial at Lilium, Sebastien Borel said

“Europe, the US and Middle East will be our strongest regions, so we will have to balance the offering in each of these regions in a timely manner for [production] slots.”

With this deal, Saudia became the first airline in the Middle East and North Africa to introduce all-electric aircraft to its network, according to Lilium.


  • Saudi will use the aircraft for point-to-point connections as well as feeder connections to its hubs for business-class passengers.


“The Middle East offers tremendous opportunities, with its megacities, urban development, megaprojects, so they can start planning with eVTOL in mind,” Mr Borel said.


“This part of the world is one of the most attractive regions because it’s new and there’s lot of demand to avoid traffic and cut carbon emissions.”


*Lilium is seeking to replace road trips and short-haul journeys by aircraft and helicopters with its zero-operations-emissions jets.




Image: Lilium.inc