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Paris becomes home of Europe’s biggest stock market!

Paris has overtaken London as the home of Europe’s biggest stock market, new analysis has revealed!

The French stock market now has a combined value of $2.823 trillion, marginally above the UK stock market, which is worth $2.821tn, according to Bloomberg figures.

Bloomberg Tweet on Paris stock value

Bloomberg chart on comparing London v Paris stock value 

A view of the UK capital from the Lloyds of London building. New government figures show the British economy shrank by 0.2 per cent between July and September amid a period of rising inflation.

  • Former central banker blames Brexit for permanently damaging investment into Britain

The Bank of England has forecast a two-year recession, which is officially declared when the UK economy shrinks for two consecutive quarters.

Five years ago, when Britain voted to leave the EU, British stocks were worth 1.5 trillion more than France.

Furthermore, a former Bank of England policymaker, Michael Saunders, told Bloomberg TV that the UK economy has been “permanently damaged” by Brexit, because it reduced the country’s potential output and resulted in reduced investment into UK businesses.

Meanwhile, France’s stock market has bolstered by luxury retail companies enjoying a post-Covid spending boost.

Image: Euromarket.inc