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Snapchat set to join augmented-reality ads

As the spread of Covid-19 kept many would-be shoppers at home, advertisers accelerated their experiments with the e-commerce

Snapchat, a mobile app that targets users in their 20’s, has been investing in augmented reality to offer more creative shopping experiences.

Snap looks set to join the Metaverse trend, as it has been training businesses to introduce products via camera in its app,

so the users can digitally try on a new lipstick shade or style or even a shoe.

Snapchat is adding features to its augmented reality advertising, as a way to help retailers get a sale from using their camera tools.

Now the company says businesses can add more information on top of their augmented reality advertisements, such as item descriptions, prices and links to purchase.

Snap wrote that the new feature, will also enable brands to receive more granular analytics about which products are gaining attention




Source: Snap/WSJ