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Starlink, to launch internet service for RV’s

SpaceX unveiled a Starlink service option designed to suit needs of RV owners!

It costs an extra $25 a month for customers to relocate their satellite dishes.

The new option will not be able to be used while the vehicle is in motion and service is not guaranteed.

Elon Musk tweeted on the latest by Starlink, internet service option desgned with RV owners in mind.

*Elon Musk tweet on Starlink latest news

The company is rolling out an optional $25 monthly fee for customers who want to relocate their satellite dishes, CNBC’ reported.

The extra cost will be added on to the Starlink base service price of $110 per month and will be billed in one-month increments, while users will be able to pause and restart their service at any time.

According to a press released by the company where it states that’ internet service will not be active while the RV is in motion and will be limited to ” any destination where Starlink provides active coverage,”

“Starlink prioritizes network resources for users at their registered service address. When you bring your Starlink to a new location, this prioritization may result in degraded service, particularly at times of peak usage or network congestion,” SpaceX said

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said in the past that the company is working to make it possible to use the service while in motion, but many RV’ers have already been using Starlink for WiFi on the road.

Cyberlandr, a startup building RV attachments for the upcoming Cybertruck, has also said it’ll include a Starlink satellite dish in its build.

SpaceX said it has a userbase of about 250,000 subscribers across 25 countries. The company has a network of about 2,000 satellite in Earth’s lower orbit.

The service primarily is designed to deliver high-speed internet of up to 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps to customers in rural areas.

Source: Reuters/CNBC
Image: Starlink inc