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Sumco the supplier of semiconductor wafers chips, sold out through 2026!

Sumco Corp. a key supplier of silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry, said it has already sold out its production capacity through 2026, a sign shortages in the industry may not abate for years.

The Japanese company, one of a handful to provide the specialized silicon slabs that chip makers use to create their designs, has orders to cover all output of its 300mm wafers for the next five years, it said after reporting earnings

*Sumco Chart projection 2021

Specifying much sought orders for 150mm and 200mm wafers

As demand is likely to keep surpassing supply for years to come the company confirmed.

The price of wafers rose by 15% in 2021 over the previous year and Sumco expects to see increases continue until at least 2024.

The company said it won’t be able to expand its production this year, despite strong demand from customers desperate for long-term supplies.

Sumco,has already done what it can in terms of optimizing its existing production lines, and its supply-demand imbalance is consistent across its full set of products.

While rivals from Taiwan’s GlobalWafers Co. recently failed in its bid for regulatory approval of a $5 billion takeover of Germany’s Siltronic AG, a move that would have brought consolidation to this sector of the chip supply chain.





Photo:Sumco inc.