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Tesla stock named ‘Top Pick’ by Morgan Stanley

Tesla remains TOP pick by Morgan Stanley!

Morgan Stanley named Tesla one of its three top picks for 2023, citing its future growth opportunities.

Tweet on Morgan’s top pick stock

CNBC Cites Morgan Stanley

Despite Tesla’s recent challenges with its stock valuation, many analysts still see the automaker’s stock as an opportunity for value growth. Forbes and the Motley Fool have recently published pieces putting forward similar arguments, while U.S. Congressmen have yet to sell their stock in the company. Now, Morgan Stanley has named Tesla as one of its “Top Picks” for 2023.

CNBC initially reported on Morgan Stanley’s Tesla pick, and the analysts quickly highlighted the investment group’s optimism. Not only did it maintain its price target for Tesla at $330, counter to moves from Goldman Sachs, but Morgan Stanley doubled down, stating, “while we see 2023 as a challenging year for the EV market categorically, we believe Tesla’s gap to competition can widen.”

Many investors have argued that Mr. Musk has become too divisive or that he may be dedicating too much time to his newest acquisition, Twitter. And as mentioned above, these concerns were exemplified in Goldman Sach’s most recent Tesla stock price target cut from $305 per share to $235.

  • Looking at Tesla’s financials and the company’s future, investors can get a better idea of the condition (and perhaps opportunity) of the stock.

Tesla has solid fundamentals; high earnings and profitability, low amounts of debt relative to competitors, and continuous growth in demand for all of its products. Looking at future product offerings offers more good news

Tesla is familiar with the separation of its stock price from more tangible measurements.