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Xiaomi unveiled humanoid robot CybeOne!

Xiaomi’s  robot was fairly slow, experts conclude and somewhat had an awkward walk and stance!

Robotics fans will also remember that Xiaomi announced its CyberDog last year, which looks and runs remarkably like Hyundai-owned Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot.

Tweet on Xiomi’s Cybeone


Still, it’s a sign of Xiaomi’s ambitions in the robotics market, and also of the wider trend for consumer electronics firms to build robots — whether most of them are built as a showpiece for trade events or with the ultimate goal of mass production remains to be seen.

Xiomi official Cybeone debut clip


Tesla has announced it will join the robotics market, with CEO Elon Musk having recently stated that the electric vehicle firm will hopefully reveal new details of its robot, Optimus, in September.

Much like Optimus,

little is known when it comes to specifications for Xiaomi’s newly-revealed CyberOne robot. One thing we do know is that Xiaomi is investing a great deal in the development of its robots. As Lei Jun point out during the launch event, “CyberOne’s AI and mechanical capabilities are all self-developed by Xiaomi Robotics Lab.

source: Xiaomi/WSJ
Image: Xiaomi.inc