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Yamaha set to unveil Electric Scooters

Yamaha Motor Corp. is set to unveil an electric scooter in key markets next year as the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer seeks to deliver greener products.

Yamaha will start offering small EV scooters in Europe, and lease medium-sized bikes in both Eu and Asia,

Chief Executive Officer Yoshihiro Hidaka said.

According to Quince Market Insights.The global market for electric scooters and motorcycles is set to expand, circa 33% annually from 2021 to 2030

Yamaha and other motorcycle companies are betting that more people will avoid public transit in the pandemic-era, boosting demand for bikes.

“There are strong requests for EV scooters ” said Hidaka, adding that the pandemic has prompted European  cities to add more parking spots for bikes, instead of cars. “City structures are changing so we are adopting the demand of the market”

Pricing and ranges for the EV scooters haven’t yet been disclosed, while Yamaha’s current EV commuter, E-Vino runs about 33 kilometers on a single charge, according to Yahmaha.

Disruptions to the global supply chain are also weighing on, the CEO explained.

While demand is strong, inventories are thin and the company needs to figure out how to procure parts and deliver products next year.

Price hikes of raw materials such as aluminum, rubber and resin will likely pressure profits, that leaves an open door for other competitors to jump the cue with alternative scooters, with medium price and range