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Nuclear alert news, Europeans into panic-buy mode!

Today’s news on Russia’s attack of Ukraine nuclear power plant combined with Putin’s order to put nuclear weapons on high alert is prompting Europeans to panic-buy iodine!!

In Belgium, nearly 30,000 residents picked up iodine tablets, which are normally offered for free in pharmacies, The Brussels Times reported.

The pharmacists’ union in France reported a significant increase in people requesting the medication, Le Parisien finds.

Believing it may protect them from radiation poisoning, according to multiple reports, Insider finds

*Insider’s Editor Jim Edward’s tweet on iodine news



Pharmacies in Bulgaria, Poland, and the Czech Republic have sold out of iodine since Putin launched an invasion into Ukraine, and ordered Russia’s nuclear weapons to be placed on high alert, Reuters reported.

  • Officials in other European countries including Belgium, France, and the Netherlands said they were also seeing an increase in demand 

Iodine can be used to help protect people from developing cancer, which can be caused by radiation.

But if radiation is not present in the body,

taking iodine is not protective and could cause harm, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.




Source: Insider/Reuters/Brussels Time/Journalbiz
Photo:Supplements Inc