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We rely on Elon,Ukraine’s Deputy PM said!

Mykhailo Fedorov has been persistent on using social media!

By using twitter and consistently calling on all global business leaders, to cut ties with Vladimir Putin’s country and lending their support to his nation, Ukraine

Bloomberg reported about his tweets, tagging Elon Musk shortly after the invasion started, asking for the billionaire tech,& Tesla CEO to provide some of his Starlink satellites for Ukraine, to help citizens and leaders communicate if internet and telecommunication networks are damaged by the Russian forces!!

*Mykhailo’s  tweet confirmation on Starlink equipment in Ukraine

  • Within 48 hours, Mr Musk adjusted his constellation of satellites above Ukraine and sent a shipment of internet-ready terminals to the country.

Mr Fedorov, who is also Vice Prime Minister, has tweeted again Musk praising  Musk efforts on securing Ukraine with internet amid Russia’s effort to cut the access of Kyiv on reporting on the latest casualties of war!

The tweet to Tesla boss Elon Musk asking for Starlink satellite internet service got over 200,000 likes and retweets.

“While you try to colonize Mars Russia try to occupy Ukraine!” the message began, with another more than 588,000 likes and retweets on Fedorov’s tweet showing the Starlink terminals had arrived.

*Recent tweet by Mr. Fedorov is confirmation of second shipment of starlink equipment to Ukraine, while Musk replied that there were additional batteries, solar charges in case the equipment are placed in a location where there might be electrical disruption

Even President of Ukraine, Mr Volodimir Zelskiy praised Mr.Musk on his support, on as he argued,

Towards the cause to world peace and humanity by tweeting and inviting Musk to visit Ukraine, when the war is over.

*Volodimir’s, the Ukrainian president  tweet to Elon Musk 

Musk recently donated a staggering 5.8$ Billion donation to unnamed charity organization, making the single highest philanthropic act ever recorded in history!



source: Twitter/Bloomberg/Thejournalbiz