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Unlocking the true potential, kids academy ‘Smart Thinking’

Critical thinking has always been something teachers strive to teach their students!

after all, it’s a skill that is vital in life.

Critical thinking, is when someone thinks independently, clearly, and rationally by connecting ideas forming their own opinions, analyzing, and then drawing a conclusion.

The Smart Thinking School, provides your kids with a curriculum approved material to challenge daily assumptions, and dwell deep into current affairs, history, social science, and literature supported by movie sequence and daily tasks.

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Our Teacher will monitor the progress,

evaluate and inform the parents about the progress of their kids, and clearly identify the strong traits, as well as the ones that needs more working on.

There are many opportunities to teach your kids how to think critically, and leaving it up to state educator, isn’t the only one.

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  • How to asks questions, and how to avoid a simple “yes” or “no” answers

 Take a moment and think about the questions you are asking your child, or how your child asks the questions?

Do you always keep things simple and get only a one-word response?

Challenge the created routine, of yes/no answers, instead of asking if the sky is blue, try asking why is the sky blue?

Just switching the question around a little bit, will turn it from a routine question, to one that they have to think about before answering.

  • Looking into to classic literature pieces, as a new way of learning

Do you have a teen who loves to read, or loves to scroll the smartphone?

We have the way on encourage them to read the great classics, such as Shakespeare and Tolstoy pieces combined, will enrich their vocabulary with creative ideas.

In this way, we alleviate your teen’s thinking in a critical manner, while they think about what will happen next in the story, what the characters motives are, the morale of the story, and so forth.

* Linda & Arsim on elaborating critical skills agenda

  • Relate questions to real life events

While engaging your kids into watching documentaries, reading educational articles, or even simply by role playing story building effort, that will provide plenty of opportunities to build a proactive interaction, enriching the communication and writing skills consequently

Constructing follow-up questions such as:

  • What do you think that person was thinking?
  • If I were in that position, what would I do?
  • What were the opportunities there?
  • How would doing that benefit others?
  • How did their actions help achieve the goal?
  • What were the possible outcomes from that situation?
  • Why our role matters,become the contributor to a team inspired goal!

As we mentioned, life presents opportunities at every turn for one to think critically.

  • Instructing kids how to navigate through information

A big part of critical thinking is knowing how to dissect vast information.

At the Smart Thinking, we engage your kids with various literature by providing the tools on identifying what information will be crucial to them when forming their own opinion

They will learn, how to read information given to them and find the useful facts, relevant to the topic.

Daily tasks, are usually micromanaged by reading and taking a proactive approach on writing and discussing, and to some extent critically participating on team project & role playing task, prioritizing the information and maintaining the focus.

This will also open a gateway for a meaningful dialogue between you and your child at home.

* Classroom 2, dedicated for pre-school kids

  • Correct / incorrect assumptions

Remember, teen’s brain is still developing which is why we are focusing on their critical thinking skills.

They might have assumptions or misconceptions of what they are reading and speaking.

This is a great time to teach them the proper way of reading and writing, especially how to communicate, should you notice their line of thinking isn’t factual.

At Smart thinking, we strive to incorporate critical thinking into our daily plans, and with your help at home, your teen will have all the skills needed to be successful and prepared for life

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