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Zoom session, with communication expert Michaela Emch!


Today’s guest is the Communication expert and biomimicry practitioner Ms. Michaela Emch.

Michaela, shares her insights from her 20 year old experiences, in the field of branding communication, rebranding, and the importance of the combined activities such as,

  • advertising
  • social media
  • reviews
  • logo 
  • slogans

Essential tools used to communicate back and forth with customers!

Brand communication is a combination of activities such as advertising, social media, and reviews that are used to communicate with customers.

Brand communication takes place every time a potential customer or client interacts with a particular brand. It could mean seeing a logo online or identifying a particular slogan of the brand.

*Michaela shares her insight on branding/rebranding


Michaela argues about how the credibility of the branding is the key issue in the communication field, like the way you present the product or service or company has to be in accordance with what it does and the values it really represents

On the topic of differentiating the logo vs slogan,

Michaela points out that it varies from the type of the business, we have B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to client), hence logo is more important to B2C, and on the other hand, if you are B2B you have to be very careful,  that your logo is differentiated enough to make you stick out in your field

Deciding when to communicate is important, but more important is HOW and WHEN the frequency of our communication and accessibility is part of it

Brand communication,

is a combination of activities such as advertising, social media, and reviews that are used to communicate with customers.

*Importance of Brand Communication

While developing a consistent brand will make all methods of communication more effective, as branding communication mostly means sharing a message that will easily be received, in addition,

Communications are most likely to be successful if the company is:

  • Known in the market, (for what it serves)
  • Trustworthy (ethics) and
  • Has its share of audience (customers)

However, role changes when we talk about rebranding, here the brand goes into the process of drastic change, starting from the corporate image of an organization.

It is a market strategy of giving a new name, symbol, or change in design to an already-established brand.

The idea behind rebranding, is to create a different identity for a brand, from its competitors, in the market, to stand out, and always dare to change for the better.


*The second part we shall discuss more on a rather new phenomenon, the Biomimicry, where Michaela runs her company, ‘Eclosions’ one of few in Europe, as a researcher in the field on the mission to find the solution based on nature-inspired strategies, to help and solve the most pressing problems of our time!


Photo credit: Zoom.inc