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A guide to Ethical AI

We at the journalbiz. com  will provide an in depth articles, news, opinions and case study example, on how startups, and innovation hubs facilitate the A I  in order that they harness the best practices, that would lead to  better resolution, consumer satisfaction and efficiency-driven production

Artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a transformational technology of our digital age—and its practical application throughout the economy is growing apace

A.I has a great potential to automate non routine tasks involving intuition, judgment, creativity, persuasion, or problem solving. The decreasing costs of data storage and processing power are driving rapid developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence, creating a new breed of cognitive technologies, with human-like capabilities such as recognizing handwriting, identifying images, and natural language processing.

      When combined with A.I process automation and powerful analytics, these cognitive technologies can form intelligent automation solutions, which either directly assist people in the performance of non-routine tasks or automate those tasks entirely.

Pioneering enterprises are leveraging intelligent automation in a number of ways: most common practices identified to be;

•               Assessing for broader opportunities

•               Prospect of new business case scenarios

•               Determine the optimal operating model

•               Identifying automation solutions

•               Plan the automation roadmap

–        Wealth management firms are using A I to review & analyse portfolio data, determine meaningful metrics, and generate natural-language reports for their customers on the performance of each of their funds.

–        Global banks are leveraging A.I to improve their regulatory compliance processes by monitoring all electronic communications of employees for indicators of noncompliant activities.

–        Insurers are using AI to answer the queries of potential customers in real time and increase sales conversion rates.

The uses of intelligent automation are potentially limitless, so are the global opportunities with latest introduction of Meta averse, NFT market and many innovation driven phenomena that we are witnessing, since the start of global pandemics