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Space tourism industry and market potential

Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc  launched their first flight to moon and their stock soared in June, to fall from grace when they faced delay 5 months later, but even with high-profile tourist flights by Richard Branson’s publicly traded Virgin Galactic, and by Jeff Bezos’s privately held Blue Origin, as well Musk;s Space X all these weren’t enough to overcome doubts about, whether this is a real business or just a diversity for billionaires

Musk remains silent on the the idea of taking his SpaceX company public. Space exploration and electric vehicles both focus on a future trend, promising massive opportunities as new technologies evolve into viable companies.

While stocks and adaption tied to the EV revolution soared this year, space tourism — after some initial euphoria — badly trailed the market

“From commercial space launches related to satellites and space tourism, or even more futuristic things like asteroid mining — a lot of it is a completely unproven industry..
What’s more, there aren’t many premium public companies trading on the market, apart from Virgin Galactic, said Jacobs, whose firm manages exchange-traded funds but hasn’t started one for space.

This leaves the space sector in a open waters, and without a clear front-runner that could help public investors judge progress.

It doesn’t help that the companies trading on exchanges lack a charismatic cheerleader to focus the market’s attention.
Many foresee that the matter is more of when, rather then If Musk’s Space X Exploration Technologies Corp. goes public, in order that attention and global buzz gets the desired attention.

“It is that single asset that can focus people’s attention and make them understand what is space investing about. ”

Musk is genuinely credited with leading the automotive industry toward an electric future. It was only after Tesla Inc.’s runaway success last year — both as a company and as a stock — that other EV names really started garnering attention, thus the sentiment is that, Musk could do the same for space industry