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BMW and E Ink introduced a color change prototype

Best known as the longtime e-paper provider for Amazon’s Kindle, Taiwan’s E Ink Holdings Inc. is accelerating a push beyond e-readers and other mobile devices.

The innovation that allows surfaces to change color is called ‘electrophoretic technology’ as E Ink film contains different color pigments that, when stimulated by electrical signals, will rise to the surface of the skin causing it to change hue.

BMW unveiled a color-changing car last month to demonstrate the potential to revolutionize a vehicle’s looks.

For the developer of the smart skin, cars are just the start of many things it wants to cover, Bloomberg reports

BMW’S color-changing iX Flow sport vehicle(sourceBMW)

BMW reached out to E Ink in 2019 and recently unveiled a prototype of its color-changing iX Flow sport vehicle.

E Ink is confident its technology will break through as architects and auto designers realize its potential.

“Personalization is a key focus, as industries undergo digital transformation” F.Y. Gan, E Ink’s president, said in an interview for Bloomberg



*Shares of E Ink soared 365% over the past two years, valuing the company at over $6 billion