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The battle of EV Pickup’s, Rivian keeps pace!

As Tesla opened the biggest auto-factory in the world in Texas-Austin, the message of Elon was clear, the Cybertruck is coming in 2023

  • Yet, Rivian is the only auto maker selling a fully electric pickup truck, it’s recently released R1T.

Other big players in the field includes,

GM that recently released a video of upcoming EV pickup GMC Sierra, while Toyota, Nissan and Ford are all into production of their designated EV pick-ups,  while outlining the auto maker’s broader electric ambitions, set to rival Rivian and Tesla for the market share.

*Rivian tweet on EV R1T production


Last month,

Nissan Motor Co. also showed an electric-truck prototype, a futuristic off-roader it called the Surf-Out. and, Ford Motor. recently said it has logged about 200,000 non-binding reservations for its forthcoming electric F-150 Lightning, (battery-powered truck that goes on sale this spring)

With these future models, car companies are hoping to gain an edge in what traditionally has been a key battleground in the car business.

Pickup trucks are among the industry’s most profitable offerings, especially for U.S. auto makers like GM and Ford

Now, traditional auto makers aren’t only squaring off with each other but also newcomers to the auto market to establish footholds in the plug-in pickup-truck space.

Rivian, which has seen its valuation soar since its IPO last month, essentially has the market to itself for now.

*Chart on top’ EV Pickups

Right now, Rivian

it is the only auto manufacturer selling a fully electric pickup truck, having recently released its first model, the R1T.

The market rival GM scheduled its $100,000 GMC Hummer electric pickup to U.S. showrooms, and Ford’s $40,000 Lightning F-150 is expected to sell in much higher volumes than the Hummer when it goes on sale, analyst conclude

Tesla’s Elon Musk said that the electric-vehicle leader would begin making its Cybertruck pickup in 2023. Trucks are also in the works from several startups, including Lordstown Motors Corp. and Canoo Inc.

The number of new electric models coming from startups will make it tough for any traditional auto makers company to dominate any given category of the market, Bank of America auto-analyst John Murphy said in a recent note.